Finding Gramps:

a little guide to using the Net to find service records
and information about your WWII Vet's career with the Army Air Force

Where to start?
   Think of this project you want to undertake as detective work or a genealogical endeavor: you start with what you know and then satisfy what you need to know.

I need to know about the basic structure of the Army Air Force in WWII

I know what part of the world my Vet fought in

I know what specific air force he fought with but not his Group

I have patches/pictures/ribbons/medals--what can I learn from them?

I already know his Unit; I just want contact information/to find someone who knew him/get his Unit history, etc...

Note: the info on this site is all I can tell you about
trying to find out about your Vet. I wish you luck with your search!

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